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Communication Styles 2.0 Model Circle of Styles

It's not just your imagination... some people are harder for you to get along with than others.

That's just the way it is.

Fortunately the new Communication Styles 2.0 model explains everything. And it does so in a way that you can easily understand and put to use immediately.

Here's the secret: the communication styles closest to you on the Circle of Styles are easiest for you to communicate with and those across from you are naturally difficult.

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As my way of introducing you to Communication Styles 2.0 you can find your style right now for free!

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Communication Styles Explained

Your Communication Style is your enduring, persistent, communication patterns across a variety of situations - it's how people relate to each other.

For most of my life, I assumed (if I thought about it at all) that other people were just like me.

Of course this was a bad assumption, but I was never taught the natural differences in Communication Styles between different people.

I was getting generally bad results because I was relying on luck for success—and as we said before, this is not a winning strategy.

When we assume that other people are just like us, we tend to communicate in the style that we like to be talked to and we overlay our interpretation of events and social situations onto other people’s communication.

A Communication Style is a person’s communication patterns and preferences that they use in a wide variety of situations.

Everybody has one - find yours now!

Doing what comes naturally is not a reliable recipe for success in communicating, which is why I recommend stepping up, taking responsibility, understanding the preferences of other people, and adapting our behavior and Communication Style to other people’s preferences.

Taking responsibility turns luck into skill - which is a much more reliable strategy for communication success.

Everybody, (whether they know what it is or not) has a natural Communication Style that he or she uses without thinking.
You can achieve the best results by adapting your style to the style of the other person(s).
When you adapt to another person it takes energy because you are doing something that is not natural for you.
If we’re forced to adapt for an extended period, we eventually run out of energy and revert to our natural style.
Under stress we tend to revert to our natural Communication Style.

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The Science Of Communication Styles

Communication Styles 2.0 is the result of eight years of research plus my experience working with thousands of people in workshops.

Both individuals and companies are using Communication Styles 2.0 to solve problems and be more effective in every type of situation.

Why Is This Communication Styles Assessment  FREE?

It's pretty simple.

This is my way of introducing you to the technology of Communication Styles 2.0 and I know from experience that you might buy something from me later on. Some people do and some don't... either way, you win!

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