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You Have Taken Your First Step!

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This is an example of what is included in your upgraded report. Yours will be different.

But... you didn’t come here just to learn your communication style... came to be a better communicator.

Now you can upgrade and get your customized Personal Insight Report that reveals how you can quickly become more effective with everyone you meet.

Stop Wondering. Start Improving.

Upgrade Now And Get Your Own Customized Personal Insight Report


Now that you have uncovered your preliminary communication style using our free survey, you have taken your first step toward becoming an effective communicator. Most people never take any action at all.

The free survey you completed is a great way to get started, but you’d be selling yourself short to stop here.

With only the fourteen questions in the free survey, we simply can't generate a comprehensive report that gives you all of the information and proven strategies that will benefit you right away.

But your upgraded Personal Insight Report does.

Your style has natural tendencies - and these tendencies can be either a strength or weakness depending on how and when they are used.

Your customized Personal Insight Report reveals everything and gets you started fast!

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What's Inside Your Personal Insight Report?

twenty five pages customized and Personalized for you

Conflict and Alliances

Everyone has people that they communicate with easily using their natural style - and those where there is natural conflict built into the relationship because of mismatched communication styles.

Your report gives you instant visual insight into who you communicate easiest with and where there is likely to be natural conflict.

You can quickly see how you are naturally in alignment with those closest to you on the circle, and in natural conflict with those furthest from you... and of course it tells you how to be more effective with every style!

Communication Styles Natural Tendencies Report

Your Tendencies

Everyone has natural communication tendencies - these are yours!

Uncover six critical natural communication tendencies along with a description and a quick recipe for using your natural tendencies to be a more effective communicator.

Desire for control
Detail orientation
Task orientation
Social interaction
Communication Styles Challenges Report

Use Your Strengths

The fastest way to become a better communicator is to use your natural strengths to further your career, help coworkers, and advance the goals of your organization.

Of course you can also use them to strengthen your personal relationships outside of work.

There is no doubt that using your strengths will give you greater satisfaction both at work and at home…and this part of your report shows you how!

Customized Action Plan

You can’t control what someone else will do, but you can make every interaction better by adapting yourself to the other person(s). Taking one simple step each week will add up to big results.

Each step is fast - less than ten minutes each week!

These small, easy, intentional changes in your thoughts, words, and actions will give you dramatic results fast.

Communication Styles How To Communicate With Other Styles

Play Well With Others

One of the greatest challenges (unless you are a Blend) is working with other communication styles.

Each style has its own strengths, challenges, and predictable patterns of behavior.

This section of your customized report gives you an outline of how you are likely to interact with persons of each of the other styles and how you can be more effective with each of them.

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Communication Styles Fast Start

Instantly available online on any device


Communication Styles
Fast Start

Sometimes our natural tendencies serve us and the organization well, but sometimes there are real – and potentially disastrous – problems caused when everyone does what comes naturally.

In this exclusive fast start video, you'll learn exactly how the Communication Styles 2.0 model works, how to identify these natural communication tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses, and learn immediately useful strategies to quickly supercharge every communication.

This is the perfect compliment to your Personal Insight report and only takes nine minutes to complete.

Super fast and super powerful!



ommunication Revolution Training

Instantly available online on any device


The Non Verbal
Communication Revolution

Have you ever wondered...

Why some people just don’t “get it”? When was the last time you were on the receiving end of a bad communication and thought that you “heard” someone else say one thing, only to find out he or she really meant something else?

Of course, it’s happened to all of us because over 90% of communication happens at the unconscious level. This is why that despite our best efforts, things go wrong even under the best of circumstances.

It’s not just the words that you use; it’s the voice tones, body language, and each person’s individual interpretation of the words you use. You know from experience that two people can extract wildly different meanings from exactly the same words.



How To Create Instant Rapport Training

Instantly available online on any device


How To Create
Instant Rapport

When people are like each other, they like each other and this  process of responsiveness, not necessarily “liking.” is called rapport.

In this workshop recorded in front of a live audience you will learn to increase understanding and reduce conflict by using the preferred language patterns of each person you communicate with.

You will learn how to instantly adapt the words you are using to speak in the personal mental and emotional language that is easiest and most natural for each person you meet.



Career Accelerator

Instantly available online on any device


Career Accelerator

The Career Accelerator gives you powerful strategies that will make you a sought after candidate for the positions you want the most.

It's a new way of thinking about your career and how to advance it to the level you desire.

You'll learn why many people get "stuck" in their careers even when they are extremely technically competent... and how you can become a highly sought after Thought Leader that adds value to every situation.

Use the Accelerator philosophy and learn how to create your Ultimate Value positioning, use my revolutionary Connectworking strategy, find a mentor, and upgrade your peer group.



Communication Styles Quick Guides


The Motivation Guides

These guides give you fast strategies for resolving conflict with other communication styles based upon the primary motivation of the style.

Normally these guides are available only to companies when who complete an in-house seminar for their employees, but today they can be YOURS so that you can be effective even faster.




Difficult People
"Cheat Sheet"

It's not just your imagination... there are difficult people in the world. You might even live or work with one of them!

Keep this handy "cheat sheet" with you because it covers the seven major types of difficult people and gives you the fast solution to each



What People Are Saying

It's a little scary...

I must say I took the "test" and it's a little scary how a few questions got my style perfectly.  Even things I didn't really want to admit it.  I will definitely share the information with others!

Heather Clark

Program Director - Penn State Lehigh Valley

There was only one complaint...

The Communication Styles workshop was rated the highest component of our Training Program.  Our attendees felt the awareness and insight to their own communication styles and how they interact with others was extremely valuable for their continued success… their only complaint was that they needed more time with Paul  to explore using their results in everyday interactions.

Jennifer Beery

Jennifer Beery

Suddenlink Corp.

It created immediate value...

It was clear that Paul’s materials were well developed from a content and presentation perspective.  However, the defining factor was being able to reach him via voice for a brief conversation to discuss an introductory activity that generated further interest and created immediate value.

This was far more relevant and meaningful for our global team than commonly recommended ice breakers and virtual activities

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Brenda Bradley

GE Appliances

Ten Powerful Benefits Of
Being A Better Communicator

How will it feel when...

People readily adopt your ideas because you present them in a way that is easy for them to understand.
You are viewed as more charismatic and intelligent
Career opportunities multiply because you explain problems and opportunities in ways that are easy for people to understand
Teamwork improves because ideas flow freely
Your natural leadership ability increases because you are able to influence others
Morale skyrockets when people and teams understand each other and communicate easily
Productivity increases because less time is wasted dealing with interpersonal problems
Needless arguments, conflict, and pain are avoided
Your stress is reduced
You create rapport and intimacy in romantic relationships

...which of these will benefit you most?

Make The One Investment That Is
Impossible To Regret

If you aren’t satisfied with your report for any reason (or no reason), just let us know and your money will be promptly refunded and you can keep your report and the bonuses.

Get Everything


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Communication Styles Fast Start $47
Nonverbal Communication Revolution  $129
How To Create Instant Rapport  $129
Your Career Accelerator $129
Motivation Guides $39
Difficult People Cheat Sheet  $39

To be fair to everyone, this special one-time offer expires when you leave this page.

You Could Put This Off And
Here's What Will Happen


This may not sound all that bad, but it’s the worst thing that could happen for many people.

Even if you are already, a good communicator, you can always do better.

And... unless you decide that today will be the day to invest in yourself, you won’t be any closer to experiencing the wonderful benefits of being an effective communicator.

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To be fair to everyone, this special one-time offer expires when you leave this page.